Lasertag at Lasertag of Carmichael

Lasertag of Carmichael is Greater Sacramento’s largest stand-alone Lasertag facility, with a 6,000 square-foot, 2-story arena big enough for up to 7 teams to compete in at once.

Lasertag is action-packed fun for the entire family! Teams outfitted with new, state-of-the-art Laserforce Gen6 Lastertag equipment compete in our black-lit arena, filled with special effects, fog, laser beams, pulse-pumping music and other players, to create an exciting, entertaining adventure.

How to play:

Each game of lasertag takes 15 minues to cycle through. This cycle consists of a briefing, suiting up, 7 minutes of lasertag and unsuiting. Allowing 5 minutes between games to review your score and plan your next games strategy, you can play 3 games of lasertag per hour.

Lasertag uses a kid-safe phaser to take aim and zap infrared rays at a target on an opponent’s vest, or an opposing team’s Base Station. When a player’s target is hit by an opponent, their phaser becomes disabled for a brief amount of time.

Lasertag players score points every time they deactivate an opponent and successfully attack the opposing team’s Base Station, while simultaneously defending themselves and their own team's Base Station from counter-attacks.

Lasertag at Lasertag of Carmichael

Before each game, players are led to the Briefing Room where a Games Marshal provides a customized explanation of the rules, the game, how the equipment functions, and safety guidelines.

Once briefed, player's head for the Vesting Room, where they strap on their laser vests, grab their phasers, and prepare for action. with your heart pumping, and your senses more on high-alert, the door swings open and the action begins!

Once the game has ended, collect your individual score sheet which prints all the game statistics for you and your team.

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